* 1.0" - 6.0" diameter
         * .01 - 200 in-lbs torque
         * Life limited only by bearings.
         * Constant slip tensioning.
         * Torque overload protection.


     * 0.63" - 3.0" diameter
     * 0.01 - 75 in-lbs torque.
     * Life to 40,000 hrs.
     * Torque limiting shaft coupling.
     * Indexing / cycling.


              FLEX VANE 100*
       * 1.00" dia / 8 oz-in torque.
       * One way or bi-directional.
       * Life of 2+ million rev's.
       * Printer paper feed.
       * Backstopping slip clutch.

 About Accu-Clutch Company

Accu-Clutch Company, Inc., founded in 1989, is a manufacturer of permanent magnet clutches used for tensioning and torque limiting. Our goal, as an engineering-driven company, is to offer the highest performance clutches designed to meet needs not met by current industry products. For example, our innovative designs offer higher torque, higher heat dissipation, smaller size and longer life than industry standards. Our clutches are precision machined and carefully assembled. They are designed to run up to 3 shifts/day for years of reliable service without downtime. Every clutch is tested before shipment to guarantee performance. Our standard products can be easily modified to meet your special application needs. We also offer special designs engineered to meet your exact needs.


Long lifespan
No power required
Highest torque in smallest size.

* Accu-Torq and Flex Vane designs are patented